Chika Minazuki

Chika Minazuki as she appears in the anime.

Chika Minazuki (水無月 智花 Minazuki Chika) is the younger cousin of Taeko Minazuki that spends most of her time working at a café down by the beach during the summertime. Because of this, she's often very tanned, except for the tan-lines caused by her wearing swimsuits. She notices that Taeko has a crush on Kaoru Hanabishi and spends a lot of her time trying to fix the two up. She occasionally has mild, romantic feelings for Kaoru herself as the series progresses, but for the most part, she looks up to him as an older brother figure.


Four years later, Chizuru Aizawa and Natsuki Komiya are at Meiritsu University, who are presumably students there. Chika has grown her hair longer and no longer wears it in two ponytails, whereas Chizuru and Natsuki look very much the same.


Taeko MinazukiEdit

As they are cousins, it can be said that they get along well. She takes notice of Taeko’s crush on Kaoru and tries to get them together sometimes.

Kaoru HanabishiEdit

Chika occasionally has mild, romantic feelings for Kaoru as the series progresses, but, for the most part, looks up to him as an older brother figure.

Tina FosterEdit

Natsuki KomiyaEdit

Chika’s friend from school.

Chizuru AizawaEdit

Chika’s other friend from school. Known for occasionally fainting.


Taeko Minazuki (cousin)
Unnamed Parents
Unnamed Grandmother


  • She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren in the American English dub, who also voiced Rip Van Winkle in Hellsing.
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