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11th October 2007





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The Bathroom

Dinner (夕食) is the fourth chapter of the manga series, Ai Yori Aoshi and also the fourth chapter of Volume 1.


Kaoru is seen pondering about his engagement with Aoi and the scene switches to a flashback. Aoi is shown to have prepared lunch and Kaoru commented how delicious it looked. Aoi states that she is not too good a cooking but Kaoru denied that. Aoi, happy, says she will stay here and cook dinner for Kaoru too. Kaoru, puzzled, saying that he thought she was going back today but Aoi said that she had called home an allowed her to stay longer. Aoi says she will have dinner ready by the time Kaoru is home and Kaoru went to school. The flashback ended and Kaoru is approached by two of his friends who reminded him to attend a meeting. He states that he havve something on and couldn't go. When thinking about what to explain, an idea of him introducing Aoi to hem as his wife appeared. He quickly dismissed the idea and ran away, saying he will come to the next meeting. Aoi is seen waiting for him at the train station and when asked why she was there, said that she wanted to be with him as soon as possible. Aoi asked to hold Kaoru's haand and he agreed, with the two walking home while discussing about how much each other have changed. Kaoru is seen eating Aoi's food, saying how delicious it is. Kaoru later says he survives by bread crusts when asked and Aoi commented on how unhealthy it was. He realised Aoi made all his favourite food and she commented on how much she knew about him. She says she wants to do a lot of things with Kaoru as long as he wants it. She wipes off a rice on his face and commented on how happy she is seeing Kaoru enjoying her meal. Kaoru is later seen in the bath, thinking about Aoi before he heard Aoi asking whether she can wash his back and wants to go in.