Episode 1

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Air Date

April 10, 2002



Opening Song

Towa No Hana

Ending Song

Na Mo Shirenu Hana

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It starts with a childhood memory of two children in the woods, and the girl is crying because one of her sandals broke. The boy fixes it for her and she thanks him. It then cuts to the present and a young man is in a train station waiting for someone. He turns and sees a woman in a kimono and she tells him, “I am not perfect, but I hope that you will love me.”

The episode opens to a young man by the name of Kaoru getting ready for his day at college. As a class ends, Kaoru thinks of how hungry he is. Later, he’s seen at a train station where he meets and assists a young woman in a kimono who is lost and trying to find someone.

He helps find the address of this person she hasn’t seen since childhood, only to find that address is a vacant lot. Then he lets her spend the night at his apartment where she shows him a picture of the person she was looking for, and discovers that it’s a picture of himself and Aoi from when they were children.

Aoi realizes that Kaoru is the man she has been looking for and explains that she’s here to be his wife.


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