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11th October 2007





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Futon (布団) is the third chapter of the manga series, Ai Yori Aoshi and also the third chapter of Volume 1.


Aoi thanked Kaoru for the bath she had, making Kaoru blush. Kaoru denied when she asked what was wrong. Kaoru then tells Aoi to sleep on his futon while he sleeps on the floor. Aoi at first immediately rejected that idea but after sometime, finally agreed. Kaoru then tells Aoi to go home tomorrow morning as her family might be worried for her, the idea of being engaged was sudden and she doesn't know much about him too. Aoi then protested by stating that she want to get to know each other. Kaoru blushed and cut the conversation by telling her to get to sleep. When Aoi fell asleep, Kaoru checked the note containing his fake apartment address and think of how much Aoi have treasured it. He started having thoughts about Aoi, making him blush and he decided to go out and buy a drink to calm down. When he came back, Aoi was awake and said that she was worried seeing him gone. Kaoru reassured her and the two slept. Kaoru started having nightmares about his mother leaving him and his grandfather not caring and even slapped him. He was tearing when he woke up and found that he was being hugged tightly by Aoi while he struggles. When Aoi woke up and was questioned, she just wanted to warm him by hugging him. She apologised for her bad habit of hugging people tightly while sleeping but says that she and Kaoru are even as Kaoru hugged her in sleep too. Kaoru blushed at her remark and denied it.

- the chapter ends here -