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Yuji Hanabishi (Husband)
Kaoru Hanabishi (Son)
Aoi Sakuraba (Daughter-in-law)
Patriarch of Hanabishi (Father-in-law)

Kumi Honjo is the late mother of Kaoru Honjo and the wife of Yuji Hanabishi.


At some point in the past, Kumi Honjo met and fell in love with Yuji Hanabishi and they had a son together named Kaoru. When Yuji died, the Hanabishi family wanted to take Kaoru and raise him to be the next head of the family, and Kumi, wanting only for her son to have a good life, gave him over to them. At a later point in time, Kumi died.


Kumi clearly loved her son and only wanted for him to be happy. She was willing to entrust his upbringing to the Hanabishi after his father died. From what Kaoru recalls, Kumi was a caring and devoted mother.

Relationships Edit

Kaoru HanabishiEdit

Kumi had loved her son dearly, and wanted only for him to be happy. When the Hanabishi clan wanted to take him under their wing to raise him as the next leader of the Hanabishi after his father died, Kumi did not fight them over this.

Yuji HanabishiEdit

It is not known how they met, but it is known that Kumi loved Yuji. At some point in their relationship, they had a son named Kaoru. Later in their lives, Yuji passed away.

Gen'ichiro HanabishiEdit

It is unknown what their relationship was like, if they had a relationship at all, but after Yuji died, Gen'ichiro wanted to take in Kaoru to raise him to be the next leader of the Hanabishi Clan. Kumi didn't hesitate to let him take Kaoru because she wanted Kaoru to not have a bad life. But after she died, Gen'ichiro destroyed every picture of her in front of Kaoru, who tried to save his mementos.


  • According to Kaoru, his mother and father weren’t married.
  • In the manga, Kaoru visits her grave site. Whenever he brings offerings, he has to rely on his judgment because he could barely recall his past with her.
  • Kaoru was told by his grandfather one time as he was burning his photos of his mother that she died over six months ago when he was still a child.
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