Picks up where episode 3 left off, with Miyabi, now accompanied by Aoi’s mother, driving towards an unknown destination, presumably Kaoru’s apartment.

Kaoru has Aoi use his bathroom first, and as she bathes, she thinks that Kaoru is upset with her. But Aoi had decided that after they met as children, she would devote herself to him. When she gets out of the bathroom, she finds Kaoru has fallen ill.

Aoi takes off his shirt and sees that is covered with scars, all caused by his grandfather’s abuse before he left the Hanabishi and tells him over time, she will heal his scars.

As Kaoru sleeps, Aoi notices that he’s cold, and removes her kimono and holds him from behind. Kaoru tries to look at Aoi, but she tells him not to, embarrassed by what she’s doing.

The next day, Kaoru is better and feels like he and Aoi are a newlywed couple until Miyabi returns with Aoi’s mother.

Aoi explains why she wanted to find Kaoru and be with him, and then her mother expresses that they must speak with her father before anything else is done. Her mother gives her blessing to her being in love with Kaoru, but informs her that life will be difficult due to Kaoru having severed his ties with the Hanabishi.

We then go back to the present where Kaoru is at the train station and meets with Aoi, who has returned to live with him.

She expresses that she is not perfect, but hopes that Kaoru will come to love her.

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