The Patriarch of the Hanabishi Clan (also known as Gen'ichiro Hanabishi) is the father of Yuji Hanabishi, the father-in-law of Kumi Hanabishi, the paternal grandfather-in-law of Aoi Sakuraba and the paternal grandfather of Kaoru Hanabishi.


When his son died, Gen'ichiro wanted to take Kaoru under his wing to ensure he could lead the Hanabishi Clan. When he tried to destroy all of Kaoru's mementoes of his mother after she died, Kaoru resisted in letting him burn a charm she had given him. As a result, Gen'ichiro scarred his back with his bamboo cane.

Shortly after Kaoru left the Hanabishi, it is not known what Gen'ichiro did, but in the manga, his health deteriorated and he passed away sometime after Kaoru sees him for the last time.


Based solely on Kaoru's childhood memories of him, Gen'ichiro was a strict guardian to Kaoru, trying to shape him into a proper future heir of the Hanabishi family. Whenever Kaoru acted in a way that didn't suit him, Gen'ichiro would yell at him or hit him in order to set him straight. However, when Kaoru's mother passed away, he attempted to destroy every memento of his associated to her, telling him to forget about her, implying that he cared nothing about her. But Kaoru managed to hold onto a charm and refused to hand it over, resulting in Gen'ichiro hitting him on his back with his bamboo cane, scarring him in the process.


Yuji HanabishiEdit

It is unknown what the relationship between him and his son was like, but after Yuji died, his father wanted to take in his son, Kaoru, in order to raise him to be the next leader of the Hanabishi family.

Kaoru HanabishiEdit

After his son died, he wanted to take in Kaoru to educate him in order to be the next head of the Hanabishi family. However, his methods were less than fruitful due to Kaoru not being able to do as expected of him. When his mother died, he tried to destroy everything associated to her to get Kaoru to forget about her, only to resist him to the point of having to scar his back with his bamboo cane when he refused to surrender a charm his mother gave him.

Kumi Hanabishi (nee Honjo)Edit

After his son died, he wanted to take Kaoru from Kumi to raise him to be the next leader of the Hanabishi family. Six months later, Kumi died, and he tried to destroy everything related to Kumi belonging to Kaoru in order to remove any attachment he had towards her, but Kaoru resisted. Based upon Kaoru’s memories, his grandfather did not care about her.

Aoi Hanabishi (nee Sakuraba)Edit

It is unknown what the relationship between him and his granddaughter-in-law was like or if they had ever met in the past.


  • In volume 11 of the manga, Gen'ichiro was dying when Kaoru returned to the Hanabishi Clan.
  • In volume 14 of the manga, Gen'ichiro has been confirmed to be deceased.
  • In a way, Gen'ichiro served as a minor villain in the manga series, being that he abused Kaoru during the time he lived with the Hanabishi family and tried to make him forget about his mother after she died.
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