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11th October 2007





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Refusal (拒否) is the sixth chapter of the manga series, Ai Yori Aoshi and also the sixth chapter of Volume 1.


Kaoru's scary face changed to a stern one and he said firmly that he cannot return to the Hanabishi Family, despite Aoi's pleading. Aoi, upon hearing that, started crying. Miyabi told her that she shouldn't always be a crybaby. Aoi begged Miyabi that she wants to stay with Kaoru for one more night and the latter agreed, on the condition that she stays here too. When the trio were all asleep, Aoi called Kaoru outside to talk. Aoi said how glad she was to meet Kaoru but his decision not to be together with her is his so she can do nothing about it. She shivered in cold while she said that and Kaoru put his coat around her shoulders. He then explained that him leaving the Hanabishi Family was not due to Aoi but another reason. He informed Aoi the truth of why he leave his family. He was the illegitimate children between his father (Yuji Hanabishi) and his mother (Kumi Honjo). His parents never got married since the Hanabishi were against their relationship. Due to his status as an illegitimate child, Kaoru was rejected by the Hanabishi family. However, when his father passed away when he was five, the Hanabishi family declared to his mother that they will adopt at the funeral. Kaoru's mother accepted their proposal as she wanted to spare her son from the harsh of the real world. Due to his desire to not worry his mother, Kaoru agreed to become the next heir of the Hanabishi family. Despite his obedience, his mother eventually leave the family much to his dismay. Regardless, Kaoru never found like he was at home with the Hanabishis. A year after his mother passed away, his grandfather burned all of his mother's possession. Despite his protests, his grandfather succeeded of burning eveything except for one thing (the good lucky charm). Although his grandfather demanded that he hand it over, Kaoru refused his demands. Angered by Kaoru's disobedience, his grandfather beat Kaoru with his cane. He scolded Kaoru for not recognizing his place as the next heir and that his behavior is a disgrace considering everything the family had given him.He showed Aoi the lucky charm (the only item he was able to save) his mother gave him before she went away. Aoi, after hearing about his explanation, started crying and said how much he must have suffered, hugging him. Kaoru stated that it felt very peacful as it was like his mother hugging him.

- the chapter ends here -