Picks up where episode 1 left off. Aoi declares that she’s here to become Kaoru’s wife. Kaoru, believing that she was sent by the Hanabishi, tells her to leave.

He sees two men approach her and initially believes them to be from the Hanabishi clan, until he sees that they are not. He fears for Aoi’s safety and has her brought back to his apartment.

He lets her spend the night with him until tomorrow when she calls home and speaks to her relatives. At night, Kaoru awakens from a bad dream and finds Aoi clinging to him. The next morning, Aoi apologizes to him and offers to cook dinner for him when he comes back from school.

While at school, Kaoru wonders what Aoi will be cooking for dinner when he gets back. He is invited by some of his classmates to go hang out, but he declines.

Meanwhile, Aoi gets everything she needs to prepare dinner for Kaoru.

When dinner is served, Kaoru realizes that Aoi has prepared his favorite dishes and she explains that she studied him back when they were children, so she would be able to be his wife when they were married.

Kaoru had asked Aoi earlier if she called her family and she answers that she did and that she could stay longer, so he doesn’t need to worry.

Later, as he’s in the bath, Kaoru thinks about how nice it would be if Aoi came in to wash his back for him, and later hears Aoi offer to wash his back outside his bathroom.

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