The Bathroom

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11th October 2007





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The Bathroom (バスルーム) is the fifth chapter of the manga series, Ai Yori Aoshi and also the fifth chapter of Volume 1.


Aoi asks if she can come into the bathroom, making Kaoru blush. Kaoru denied but Aoi explains it is for his sake and comes in anyway. Kaoru, thinking she would come in naked, protested but Aoi entered, clotahed. Kaoru, shocked, slipped and fell onto Aoi, accidentally touching her breasts, causing Aoi to scream. Miyabi Kagurazaki barged into the bathroom upon hearing Aoi scream and saw Kaoru aand Aoi lying on top of each other. She hit Kaoru away from Aoi, calling him a low life man and continued hitting him. She only stopped when Aoi said so. Kaoru asked for Miyabi's identity and Aoi explained. Miyabi scolded Aoi for running out of her house and said she was about to call the police if Aoi wasn't found today and that this incident might cause the Sakuraba Family to be a laughing stock. She proceeded to explain about the Sakuraba Family and said Kaoru is not suitable for Aoi, having being disowned by the Hanabishi Family and ordered Aoi not to associate with him. She then forced Aoi to go home but Aoi hit Miyabi's hand away and hid behind Kaoru. Aoi begs Miyabi not to take her back and also begs Kaoru to return to the Hanabishi so that they can be together. Kaoru is seen with what might have been a look of anger on his face.

- the chapter ends here -