Tina Foster

Tina Foster is a supporting character and protagonist in the anime/manga series Ai Yori Aoshi.


Tina has long, blond hair and bluish eyes. Tina appears to have a tooth that is shown like a small fang.


Tina is somewhat happy almost all the time whenever encountered. She enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them. Her most prominent trait when meeting other women is to fondle their breasts. Tina also likes to drink alcohol a lot.

Her only problem is that she feels she doesn’t fit in with where she is due to both her appearance and cultural upbringing.


She is an American-born woman who has spent most of her life in Japan and is an old friend of Kaoru Hanabishi’s. She attends Meiritsu University with Kaoru and was the one who convinced him to join the Photography Club, of which she's also a member. Shortly after her and Kaoru's reunion, she moves into the servant house that Kaoru is staying in because she had no other place to stay in after returning to Japan from a year-long trip around the world.


  • Mr. Foster (father)
  • Mrs. Foster (mother)

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Tina" means "River" in Old English.
  • Tina's surname, "Foster", means "One who keeps the forest" in English.
  • Tina, whenever she meets a new girl, has a tendency to fondle their breasts/cleavage.
    • She also does this to girls she has already met.
  • Tina often feels like she doesn't fit in either Japan due to her appearance or in America due to her being culturally Japanese.
    • She often wishes she were Japanese instead of American.
  • Tina used to keep the ferret Uzume before Miyabi did.


  • She is voiced by Satsuki Yukino in the original Japanese version of the anime and Wendee Lee in the English-dubbed version, who also voiced Kiva Andru in Megas XLR (2004-2005) and Chai Xianghua in the Soul Calibur series.
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