Uzume is the pet ferret of Tina Foster, but later ends up spending more time around Miyabi Kagurazaki, who initially couldn't stand it due to her fear of insects, which Uzume would often present to her.


Tina got Uzume from a pet shop and brought her over to the mansion and tried to hide her, but eventually everyone found out. But Miyabi forbid keeping pets due to house rules and because Uzume once brought her a bug.

One day, Uzume gets stuck behind a clock and everyone is unable to move it until Miyabi uses a crowbar to free Uzume, damaging the clock in the process. After that, Miyabi is more comfortable around Uzume.


  • Uzume is so named after Ame-no-Uzume, a goddess from Japanese mythology that was responsible for getting Amaterasu to come out of his cave.
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